Live At Parkway Square Maple Cabinetry

The upscale designer kitchen has a larger L-shaped space, with the placement of the white gas range and white ref beside the brown maple cabinets simply stunning to look at, especially with an abstract art painting on the wall. You’ve got a two-level granite countertops design, with the lower level beside the kitchen sink and backsplash and a higher level tabletops where you can place additional items for cooking. You can have as many as 15 Live at Parkway Square maple cabinetry items.

The Live at Parkway Square maple cabinetry are compactly designed and embedded on the walls and beneath the undermount sink and cooking area, giving a greater functionality in terms of accessibility to cooking tools and pantry. The kitchen’s vaulted ceiling and the open area by the undermount sink increases the space of the kitchen.

You’ve got plenty of space for storage of kitchen items and pantry tools at the large maple brown cabinets below the countertops. You have more space in the cabinets embedded on the wall beside the window. Above the gas range and the ref are more spaces to store items you bought from the supermarket. The plank hardwood floor partially covered with a kitchen rug is just great at the Live at Parkway Square maple cabinetry.

Pantries are available in select units inside those attractive maple wall cabinets. In the Live at Parkway Square maple cabinetry, there are a number of maple cabinets filled with plates and everything you need; there are two medium sized cabinets where you may find the knives and cutlery, and two small cabinets on the same upper wall.

Just find anything you need for cooking. The handsome cutting boards are there inside one of the maple cabinets of the Live at Parkway Square maple cabinetry.

Live at Parkway Square apartments is a relatively large but compact residential community with unique spacious interiors and luxury amenities. The entire site occupies one block near Apalachee Parkway and is divided into four sub blocks of about 38 large 2-floor apartment building complexes. There’s plenty of parking space in the open surface parking areas. There are a number of restaurants and shops that are within fairly walking distance from Live at Parkway Square apartments.

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